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Representative Stephen Owens announces his Candidacy for Senate

I am truly honored to run to be your next Kansas Senator in the 31st District. It is time for our conservative priorities to once again return to this Senate district. 

In 2018, I knew I was supposed to challenge the incumbent for the 74th House District. Since winning that primary as an “unknown” conservative challenger, I have Represented the district to the best of my ability, relentlessly giving it my all and now serve in various capacities such as:

  • Chairman - House Corrections / Juvenile Justice Committee

  • Chairman - Kansas Truth Caucus (

  • Member: Judiciary Committee & Appropriations Committee

It truly takes team effort to create policy. As I share some of the legislation I have sponsored that passed, it is important to realize it was far more than just my work that got it done.  Here are a few:

  • Consistently voted to reduce your tax burden while still balancing the budget!

  • Fought for Individual Liberty during the Covid Lockdowns by providing exemptions to life changing mandates

  • Led the charge in reforming the Civil Asset Forfeiture Code ensuring Law Enforcement was well represented.

  • Supported our community by ensuring Mirror Inc. received $2.5 Million to create an inpatient juvenile substance use treatment facility for South-Central Kansas.

  • Increased penalties for Fentanyl distribution and endangering children

  • Increased penalties for the injuring and killing of police animals with a veto override

  • Increased access to drug treatment and mental health treatment throughout Kansas

  • Led the conservative charge at every turn by limiting government growth and fighting for traditional values.

  • And so much more….

As your next Senator, my focus will remain on strengthening our families, our communities and our state by consistently applying the principles that will LIFT up Kansas!

  • L: Limited Government

  • I: Individual Liberty

  • F: Free Enterprise

  • T: Traditional Values

After nearly 20 years, it is time for new leadership in the 31st Senate district.  Will you partner with me to ensure we bring about the change needed to LIFT up Kansas? I need at least 150 people to contribute $1,000 to ensure victory! Will you help me reach my goal?

Pro-Family - Pro-Business - Pro-Life - Pro-2nd Amendment - Pro-KANSAS

Currently Representing the 74th House District

Including the towns of Hesston, Halstead, Burrton, Moundridge, Canton, Lehigh, Hillsboro, Peabody, Walton and Goessel!

Running for the 31st Senate District

Including all of Harvey County and Northern Sedgwick County

Stephen Owens for State Senate
Kaitlyn Rostetter, Treasurer
PO Box 606
Hesston, KS 67062
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